February 26, 2011

we're done here

some shiz went down while i was out of the office last friday. so monday, i walked in to an already burning building. my favorite. i spent the entire day trying to find "missing" documents and gather information. it's really frustrating when people doubt you; trying to prove that you know your shit is a HUGE pain in the ass. turns out, it was a problem on their end with an easy solution. so i left the office thinking all was well. tuesday afternoon, i got a bunch of recall notices for an email i hadn't yet received. awesome. an email finally came through that once again called in to question stuff that had been done plus a "nevermind, we found the files we needed". whatever. i got another email on thursday. "what we need isn't in the file. we need you to find the document." seriously? i don't give a shit about any of this. this is no longer my fucking problem. I AM NOT HR. if you can't find the fucking records, i can't help you. you are now the record holder; stop harassing me. i ignored the email, and i decided that i was fucking done

so i opened up monster for the first time in about 2.5 years to scour the latest openings. i found a handful, but wasn't able to apply. i could not for the life of me remember my password. i sent three reset requests, but the emails never came through. so i sent a note to customer support. i forwarded myself the openings of interest and closed up shop for the day. luckily, someone at support was able to send me a temp password the next day. i updated my resume and contact info. then i applied. then i popped over to a few temp agency sites to check their openings, and i applied. i also checked some companies i'm interested in for anything, and i applied some more. i'm trying to leave no stone unturned because i'm really hoping to have a new job by april 4th. but i have somewhat difficult constraints and qualifications. most of the positions worth looking at were either way above or way below my qualifications, paid practically nothing and/or had crazy hours. for a minute, i thought about taking a PT night job. except i would never have any fucking time to sleep

midway through temp positions, i remembered how much i hate job searching. *sigh* but i'm going to keep applying. i'm really hoping for one particular position because the hours and pay would be perfect for me. since the job with neal's company is looking less and less likely, this would be the next best thing. i had also applied for a position similar to the one neal wanted to create, but i got an email yesterday that the position is on hold. boo. it was also a solid contender

i am over being miserable 40 hours a week. keep your fingers crossed that something works out for me... or, you know, hire me to be your overpaid personal assistant. i also do windows ;)