February 21, 2011

warriors week8

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
  2. Pretty much everywhere this past week experienced some mild weather – did this change have any effect on you?
  3. Walk us through your ideal workout.
  4. What happened in the last week that you have to brag about?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: Spring Fever has hit the stores… what’s your favourite thing to shop for in the Spring?
question 1: not much, dude. not much. blogged and read blogs, but didn't really get my hw done. i'm behind on my readings so i might be doing some reading tonight. super boo. work schedule was wonky because i had to take time off to do class stuff. not really sure i got in my 32 for mon to thurs. now it looks like more snow is coming so this week will probably be off, too

question 2: it was mostly distracting in the mornings. my bed was even more toasty than usual :p otherwise, it made for a lovely relaxing week. can't really say my productivity overall suffered since it's been declining the last week or so anyway

question 3: can i count sex? no? well... um... a combo of cardio and lifting that leaves me sweaty, breathless and happy. i would totally strut out of the gym back in the day because i felt AMAZING. i guess my ideal workout is anything that puts a smile on my face (and i definitely count sex)

question 4: jesse loved his surprise - a trip to medieval times. i nearly ruined the experience cause i'm an asshole (not a fan of dinner theater), but he seemed to enjoy it despite me :p i curbed my comments once we were seated, which helped. plus i'm a fan of jousting and real swords (and margaritas)

question 5: sundressses, open toed shoes and shorts. i've started liking shorts again since i like my thighs more these days. short skirts would also be nice, but i'm almost 27. my booty doesn't need to be on display :p (i know at least one person who will object to that ;))

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{i think that's self explanatory :)}

my progress plus all the weekly questions on skinny (goals 1-4) and desultory (goals 5-10)