January 26, 2011

year condensed

i hadn't intended to do a reflective post on 2010, but then i scrolled through my photos again (yea... i reread my own posts a thousand times). it occurred to me that i had a pretty adventurous year. and i HATE adventure... says the girl who's planning a summer road trip with her bestie... i'm not in the mood to hunt down all the applicable blog posts (if i even wrote them), but here's a quick recap of 2010. in the order i remember them

- i met and fell in love with an awesome guy

- i walked in the susan komen 3day for the cure

- i helped gather postcards in support of marriage equality for maryland

- i hung out with the DC bloggers a few times

- i got drunk under the table by the tweeting lesbians

- i attended a pocket gays happy hour and met new people by myself, without knowing a single person (online or offline) beforehand

- i went to the DC NOH8 shoot

- i got a tattoo

- i worked the gate at baltimore pride, and THE pandora boxx smiled at me. then she and juju tweeted me, and i DIED

- i bought and carved my very first pumpkin

damn! that was a good year. running theme: booze and gays, sometimes at the same time :) oh, yea. and volunteering and my darling boy and a random pumpkin. but mostly boozey gays
dear 2011,
the stakes have been raised


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great yeat! I'm a new follower (thanks WWW!) so missed a bit of this, but am looking forward to see how your 2011 unfolds!

rini said...

That's a pretty awesome year in my books! :)

Heather said...

Sounds like a full 2010 to me! Can't wait to see what you do in 2011!!

michelle said...

thanks, everyone (and welcome to the blog, @thenextmoment!). i'm so excited about the 2011 possibilities :D

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