January 12, 2011

some pictures

at some point, i meant to post these to document things i'd done. i don't really remember if there were full blog posts to go with them but whatev. enjoy a few moments from my fall

cookies for my fave startup because they're that awesome

a dress that fit me wonderfully, hugging all the right places, is now gaping a year later. i still have it because i think it can be taken in

susan komen walk. the morning of day one, and after getting home on day three. my poor knees

i went to the noh8 shoot in dc; my official photo is here. i wish my skin looked that good all the time :p

the pumpkin that became ray pumpkwis

christmas morning carnage. because i'm mocked if i'm too dainty


Anonymous said...

I wish they'd had an official NOH8 shoot here. Your pic is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love that dress! Hope they can take it in for you... but It always feels nice to have stuff altered because it's too big instead of too small!!

michelle said...

@emily: thanks! it would be kinda awesome for NOH8 to go international. there is support around the globe, even when we're told otherwise :)

@ashley: i'm anxious about the alterations. i've never had anything taken in professionally. i'm waiting until i hit goal just in case (and to give myself time to wrap my head around "taking it in") :)

Hutch said...

LOVE your official photo! How did you get to that?

Ash said...

Thanks for the comment, doll. =) I'm sure things will be fine, we just have to work on communication. And I know the boat you're in very well - Adam and I used to be long-distance, too. We used to watch movies together over yahoo, though - through the sync option with youtube? Just an idea, when you're apart. ;)

michelle said...

@hutch: thanks :) i'm so glad i got there early because DROVES of people showed up. unfortunately, there were some line confusions so i didn't get in as quickly as i originally thought. but the whole thing was a wonderful experience. i'm so glad i lent my face to the campaign :)

@ash: i've heard about people doing that. or watching netflix together. our schedules don't always sync, but i have definitely thought about that :) our skype dates definitely help keep away some of the lonely feelings, too

Grace said...

That dress is really cute. I'm sure you can take it in. Your NOH8 picture is awesome too!

michelle said...

thanks, grace :)

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