January 1, 2011

happy new year

welcome to 2011. so far it looks just like 2010, complete with sleepyhead next to me :p ;)

i've been doing a lot of catching up on my blog reading while i have the time. hooray for school breaks and vacation from work. over the last month several people have been reflecting over their 2010s. some organized, some not. people have also posted 2011 resolutions. i still don't really believe in resolutions, so i'm sticking with being a better me. however that evolves throughout the year doesn't matter. the point is to keep moving forward in the building of self

to kickstart my year, i'm participating in a challenge "to be the best we can be in the midst of winter"

Life's Journey with a Smile
my goals focus on my weight/fitness, personal relationships and professional aspirations. as such, i'll be posting on both blogs. don't worry, i'll try not to overlap too much. wouldn't want to bore/annoy anyone ;) i simply adore challenges and can't wait to put up my first post on monday. it's going to be a very interesting 13 weeks, which i hope leads to an interesting 39 following weeks

it's time to start winning 2011

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Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant challenge :) Best of luck, and happy new year!

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