January 3, 2011

warriors week1

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What are your ten goals for the WWW challenge?
  2. Why did you choose them?
  3. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
  4. What does this challenge mean to you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve?
questions 1 & 2:
(weight loss/fitness)
1. eat more fruits and veggies. i've majorly fallen off the bandwagon so my goal is to eat my five servings per day. gonna start with two per day and work my way up

2. cook more, try new recipes and use the crap in our pantry. i am a creature of habit, but i keep pulling wonderful recipes that i never use. i want to start cooking more just so i can say i tried. i also want to clean out the pantry. we have so much stuff that just doesn't get used. most of it's neal's so at least i'm not wasting my money :p

3. working out. training for the komen walk forced me to workout at least three times a week. guess how much i've worked out since... my goal is to get back up to three times. i won't be walking 18 miles in a day, but i'm gonna do something. i just bought wii fit plus and nfl training camp to push me. the plan is one short workout and one long workout with either turbo jam or rev abs plus one game workout each week

4. become lifetime on weight watchers. i have 7.2 lbs left to go, which is a little over a pound a week for seven weeks. and then i'd have six weeks of maintenance. how convenient that the WWW challenge is 13 weeks ;) i plan to use the above goals to get me to this milestone

5. keep in better touch with friends. hannah always sends letters when she's bored at work, and i get super happy getting them. so i'm going to start writing my own letters to friends at least once a month. a "happy birthday" on facebook and christmas card are not cutting it

6. blog regularly. since (re)starting grad school, my posting has dropped off because it's a lower priority. however, i miss it. i don't have any particular schedule i want to keep between all my blogs. i just know i don't want my last substantial post to be from two months ago. for now, the goal is twice per week on my main blogs and once per week on my side blogs

7. read more. this is more about making time for myself without a computer or blackberry involved. i have sooo many books i want to read, but "never have the time". lies of course. my free time is spent tweeting, watching netflix and napping. not terrible, but i tend to feel like a waste of space after. my hope is to one day read all the books on the banned books list because i think banning books is asinine. for now i'm starting with just finishing a book. back in the day, i would never dream of picking up a book until i had finished the one prior. somewhere in the last four years (six if i include the ever daunting unabridged count of monte cristo), i got sidetracked by too many books. i finished the girl with the dragon tattoo and the girl who played with fire so i have finally turned back to  jonathan strange and mr norrell. after that i'm going to finish only revolutions (i blame this book for my waywardness) and make another stab at the count of monte cristo. once i finish these, i'm going to start in on the books i've bought/received in the last three months

8. work harder at grad school. i'm trying to be a better, more focused student. so far i have not done very well because i'm still a lazypants. i am going to spend more time in the library, take productive advantage of downtime at work and spend more time acting than planning. the semester doesn't start for a couple weeks so i'm going to attempt to get all my lazy out beforehand

9. stay on budget. i started goals to save money for each semester of grad school. mostly the goals are filled with VA money [the old man's a vet so i get dependent benefits], but i will eventually have to pay something out of pocket. i refuse to take out another education loan so i've been saving a couple hundred each month in anticipation of those costs. in 2011, i want to ramp up my savings goals, even the nonschool ones. based on 2010's numbers, i am going to readjust my original projected budget. i am not changing my deposit schedule, but my hope is to slowly increase the amounts over the next three months

10. get my work hours back on schedule. this is a little but extremely necessary goal. i tweet all the time about being a terrible employee, rolling up as i choose, and i'm over it. starting this week, i am going to get back on an actual schedule. no more "oh i got her at 930/945a, i'll just stay until 6p" bullshit. i hate getting home late evening so i need to start getting my ass to the office before 9a again. if i try hard enough, i can get back on my "out of the office at 4p on fridays" plan 

questions 3: nope :)

questions 4: it's a kick in the face reminder that i can improve if i really want to. i've gotten tired of my own whining, and i need to do better. new years always have a rejuvenating quality. so i'm attempting to harness my newness for positive change before old bad habits set in 

questions 5: kissed jesse, opened a bottle of sparkling cider and put on another movie. it was perfect

{we celebrated our 1st anniversary on saturday: spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce, homemade red velvet cupcakes and donnie darko}



Brittney said...

Mmmm, I second the whole "eating shit out of the pantry" one. Before I am overtaken by canned goods. Sigh!

Amy said...

Great goals!! I also have a lot of crap floating around I could probably skip a week of grocery shopping and survive on some pretty great meals, however no veggies and meat would likely make me gain weight - but you get the point!!

Please be sure to link up on my site!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Donnie Darko! That was the first movie D & I watched together :D

Great goals, I'm definitely with you on reading more too. Best of luck!!

rini said...

I like #5. It's something I definitely want to work on more, especially while I'm not living in the city. However, I get so bored I sometimes feel like I might overwhelm people with constant little "hi"s and not having much of an update since my days here are boring are fairly similar. :\

Guess it's all about finding a balance!

michelle said...

@britt - it always seems like a good idea to stock up. then suddenly there's more stocking than eating. lol perhaps we're too prepared for the zombiepocalypse

@amy - lol yea. we do have a lot of side dish stuff. fresh fruits/veggies and meats are definitely a must

@em - it's one of my faves, and the whole reason jesse and i got to know each other :)

@rini - i have a feeling i'll run out of things to say pretty quickly. lol and then i'll start rambling about nonsense. you should definitely go for it; we might both find we have more to say than originally thought

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