December 29, 2010

shower musings

i had an epiphany the morning after my last day of the semester... ok epiphany might be a strong word, but whatever :p ... taking finals is almost like having a newborn...

- you don't sleep well because something wakes you every few hours of the night. that 20minute power nap might just save your sanity

- you don't eat properly. sometimes grabbing whatever is easiest/quickest/closest just to have something in your belly

- sometimes you get screamed at. if you take too long responding, you're gonna get an earful

- you're probably the smelly kid. showers become an adventure in time management every time you turn on the taps

- when dealing with massive amounts of shit, you will question your life choices. you will always decide, ultimately, you made the right ones because you know it's worth it

of course, having kids is a longer term commitment, but at least they grow up. unfortunately, finals never get any easier. i can't fathom doing both at once