December 26, 2010

true meaning

what christmas means to me: opening many bags and boxes. i'm not religious so it's all about the presents. this year is definitely not about family. so what did i haul in for 2010?

the unofficial harry potter cookbook
traveling with pomegranates
killing your mother is not an option*

batman returns (still my fave batman)
pet sematary
big daddy
alice in wonderland
the nightmare before christmas
the closer season2

a hallmark mug
bath and body works (secret wonderland gift set, wild honeysuckle lotion, wallflower, twisted peppermint pocket bac)
itunes gift card

i apparently have more stuff, but the package didn't arrive yet. i have an inkling it's more movies

*mom always gets these random things we end up not liking. one day we'll convince her to stop *sigh*

i was right. sin city, red eye, wanted and house (seasons 5 & 6) made it :)


Soph! said...

Nice haul! I didn't even know there was a harry potter cookbook!

Anonymous said...

er-HEM, and a squishable! :P

michelle said...

@soph - i randomly saw it mentioned on a blog and, of course, had to have it :)

@you, gifts from my family :p

S.I.F. said...

Well you made out then friend! Congratulations! :)

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