December 24, 2010

family vacations

oh how the time flies. it's christmas eve, and i've been MIA for weeks. i had intended to post before, but always got sidetracked. oh well...

i'm currently sitting in my cousin's house fuming. i am officially over the holidays and family vacations. spent wed in the car, overheated and cramped. do not get a dodge journey if you intend to travel with more than four adults and two bags at one time. i ate so much that day, and i still feel disgusting. in an attempt to work off a little bit of wed's gorge, i volunteered to chauffeur tasha and mom around yesterday. what should have been an easy trip to the grocery store and mall turned into a 10 hour nightmare. tasha couldn't find her up to date insurance so we couldn't get on base to hit the commissary. as we circled back around, she finally located it in her disaster zone of a purse. we got through about half the grocery list, but got hung up trying to pick out gifts for the kids. stopped at home to drop stuff off and grab lunch. anthony decided to ride with us to the mall and for groceries round two. he had the same idea i did: get out of the house for a bit and walk around. first stop was ham. the place was packed so i ended up taking a nap in the car. then we hit the mall. once again, the indecisive twins strike. i had to berate mom into buying some random thing because she kept circling the toys r us asking everyone if she thought each item was good. calaya is fucking four; she likes EVERYTHING. after that we hit jc penny's where they discussed falcons jersey sizes for half an hour. earlier in the day tasha decided she wanted cookies, but i insisted that she let me make them. so i wandered off to find holiday cookie cutters. i ended up buying a set with cutters, a cookie sheet, cooling rack and cute spatula. by that point, they were done purchasing jerseys (which i again had to nudge them along on) so we headed to best buy. i decided to wait in the car because they only needed one thing. i thought it would be 20-30 min. an hour and a half, two phone calls and a screaming fit later, they finally tottered out with nothing. tasha had to order the disc online, but not until she'd wandered the whole store searching for a potential replacement gift. at this point it was 945 and we still had to get to the liquor and grocery stores. along with the volunteered cookies, tasha had asked me to make drinks and the bread pudding i was going to make for xmas eve for last night. attempting to be nice, i agreed not realizing it would take us forever to buy what i needed. when we got to publix, i went in to dictator mode, dividing and directing everyone. we were in and out in 20. we got home to find all the groceries we'd bought earlier still sitting on the goddamn floor and two grown ass men watching a movie. stace at least put the perishables away. at that point, we'd been gone for six hours and no one else had done a damn thing. furious, i ate leftovers and came upstairs. around midnight, jesse got home so we could finally have our skype date. i had been falling asleep after that exhausting day, but i managed to stay awake for an hour to talkvent to him

i got up this morning to find a sink full of dirty dishes and not a single clean bowl. i washed one so i could have my cereal and promptly came back upstairs. when i went back down to drop my dishes, mom had washed everything in the sink. it's like living in the fucking 50s in this house. my dad won't eat if my mom doesn't bring him food. kid you not, he sat on the fucking couch and watched stace, anthony and cameron eat leftover chinese while we were at the fort. we were gone for a few hours. mom walks in, arms full of groceries, and he's all "i'm hungry". FUCK YOU. you have two arms and two legs that are completely functional. the fridge is 10 feet away. tasha keeps talking about the lack of clean dishes yet neither her husband or son lifts a fucking finger to clean them. we're going to be doing all the fucking cooking and cleaning in the next three days while these assholes sit around watching movies and jon stewart


it infuriates me coming down here and seeing this. it also makes me happy that i don't live with my parents anymore. neal may sometimes suck as a roommate, but at least he tries. when i visit jesse, i am a bit more domestic than usual, but he doesn't expect it. he'll do the dishes if i ask (yes, sometimes i have to ask). he'll take the trash out before it starts smelling like a landfill. he's the one that makes sure there's enough tp in the house... i just want to slap people. and it's not going to end. mom bought all this shit yesterday so i am going to have to use it or return it. i'm leaning towards returning all the food and stuff i picked out, but i'm being talked out of it. the cookie set is definitely getting returned when we get home. i have no need for it outside of the cutters. i had intended to leave it for tasha, but screw that. she won't appreciate it at all... i need to start cooking this shit. ugh today is going to suck so hard. i have officially vented three times, and i'm still angry

i can't wait to go home

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