May 24, 2010

where's waldo?

dunno, but i'm still around...ish. here are some updates on that

i have a new waxer. my previous waxer, B, mysteriously left the spa. i say mysterious because i think it'd be inappropriate to grill the staff about where she went and why. so my last wax was done by J, who was a bit disappointing. she's nice, but i think she's newish to waxing. it just seemed like she wasn't 100% sure of what she was doing, and she ended up missing spots. last week, i booked with L and she was wonderful. she even tweezed and trimmed. "i don't want anything coming out of that bathing suit." me either, honey :) she is my new favorite. after deciding i liked her, i compared her to B. similar personalities and waxing skills. i would say they're in their mid/late 50s. J is probably around early 40s. not to be ageist, but i like my women older ;) the older the better

i got my bio grade on friday; a B :D which means i have an excellent gpa this semester. i would like to review my final just to see what i missed, but i'm trying not to be that guy. i'm really happy with my grades so i won't push anyone's buttons... my little sister also had a good semester. she busted her ass and actually did better than me. i was joking that she's officially smarter than me. we're equally smart; i'm just lazier :p summer classes started on saturday, but mine isn't until thursday. i'm feeling meh about it, but it's only monday

speaking of saturday, the chili cook-off was excellent. we got there in the middle of switchfoot's set, which was amazing, and stayed til the end. i'm sure anberlin and the local band were great, too. cage the elephant sounded great, but they could step up the live performance a wee bit. alice in chains was another great one. they're one of InSlut's favorite bands, which was one of the main reasons i wanted to go (and why i got the expensive VIP tickets). the new guy is soooo good. i also enjoyed a few beers and hot dog; boyface had chili dogs. unfortunately, that was about all we ate so when we got back to the hotel, he ordered a couple pizzas. it had just the right amount of grease (plus i'd had a bunch of water at the concert) so i wasn't hungover in the morning. it was like drinking in college again :) my belly didn't speak up until we went to breakfast; it was not in the mood for anything so i had a little of everything... downs of the weekend: asshole who i wished bad things upon, followed by a drunk cry, STP butchering their own songs, struggling to get back to the hotel with a dead phone and a worn out boyfriend and having to do the pee dance on the metro (don't worry. i made it to a potty without incident). i'm putting the day down in the yay column

not much else is going on i guess. i have a new job task, which is temporary until the security team actually has people again. i may actually have gotten a kid a job with the group. fingers crossed that he's interested and interviews well. he's the son of my mom's friend and, literally, just graduated... InSlut is good. it's my turn to stay at his place for our next few visits lol. he has a new roommate, and she's already a million times better than the last pair. she spent the whole weekend cleaning his place; it looks AMAZING. i might just hug her the first time we meet, and that is completely atypical... i'm super excited about two movies. sex and the city 2 (duh lol) and a midnight showing of hedwig and the angry inch. i love campy queer movies, and it's been forever since i've watched hedwig... oh! i also started a tumblr. it's just a baby, but feel free to check it out. further entrenching myself in the internets addiction, while trying out a new platform :)

so yep. that's what's up. how're y'all? :)


Hutch said...

sads about STP, I loved them!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Having a great waxer is insanely important!!

JenRem said...

I really need to go get waxed BUT I'm too scared. Maybe I can find an older women to help me with this... hehe.
I've been thinking about creating a tumblr as well but just havn't taken the plunge. I don't have time to murse my blog as I should so I don't know if I'll have enough time for this other project too.

michelle said...

@Hutch - it super sucks about STP. i've always liked their music, but weiland is out of control again

@MommyLovesStilettos - it took me forever to realize that! i really hope L doesn't leave lol

@JenRem - one of the keys is communication. the two women i liked made sure i was comfortable the entire time. i also recommend requesting hard wax; much less pain than soft wax (with strips)... if you do decide to join tumblr, it's a really easy platform to use :)

Sarah said...

Never heard of hard wax...everytime I've had my eyebrows waxed (with the strips:(, I have had to walk around with swollen, red areas over my eyes for 2 whole days! Must be allergic:(
Can't WAIT to see Sex and the City 2!!!!

S.I.F. said...

You are more brave than I am!! When my waxer left, I quit waxing! I just wasn't prepared to trust a new waxer without hearing rave reviews first. Then I moved to Alaska, and no one here waxes (plus, it's way more expensive!) so I have yet to meet anyone who can give me a good referral. Thus, I sit unwaxed. :(

michelle said...

@Sarah - boo. definitely check out the hard wax next time. maybe it'll be better for your sensitive brows

@SIF - boo for you, too. i don't know what i'd do without L. maybe some amazing waxer will move to alaska, and everyone will love her. thus providing you with a fabulous referral

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