May 16, 2010

take that

i am officially not an idiot. i KNEW it!

well... maybe i suspected it a little bit, but loyola really dinged up my self confidence. university of baltimore has somewhat restored my love of learning and not feeling like a complete waste. as of today, i have my first grad school A. it's an A-, but my gpa is over 3.5 for the time being. i'm still waiting for my biopsych grade, which was the course i was really worried about. my goal is to squeak out a C, but there's a chance i could get a low B. i'm not sure how that'll affect my gpa though. i really don't feel like running the math on that. i have to stop the neuroticism somewhere :p in this moment, i am happy that i'm no longer a failed student. UB may not have been my first choice, but this has been my best semester out of four (between two schools/programs) yet

next week starts my summer session, and now i'm looking forward to it. did i tell you what i'm taking? eh, well you get to hear it again :p applied assessment procedures in the summer; learning & cognition and research methods in the fall. luckily, i have background knowledge of all the courses so i'm hoping i won't find them too difficult. at the same time, i need a little bit of difficulty or i'll get bored/complacent. i've already ordered my books (with the exception of research methods, which still has no books listed), and have debating reading them before the semester begins. part of my problem has been making time to read for class and then actually reading. i'm trying not to take on too many additional obligations the rest of the year so i can't give myself the usual "i'm too busy with all this other stuff" excuse. i really need to break that cycle. i'm going to try to finish a book for fun this week (omg book for fun!), and then crack open the book for assessment... lol i feel a little like hermoine at the moment

if only i had her dedication to learning...

so yea. that's what's up in my life. how about yours?


Chuck said...

A big CONGRATS!! to you and your first Grad school A!!!

I'm jealous about your A ... I'll be taking the LSAT in a few weeks then prepping for Law School. Who knows if I'll see an A in my future. Law School is going to kick my ass... eek!

michelle said...

thanks :) and good luck with the lsat/law school. i'm sure you'll do you're own ass kicking over the next few years!

Shayna said...

Yay! Congratulations! Grad school was actually easier for me than undergrad, possibly b/c I was taking only a couple classes at a time whereas in undergrad I did 20 credit semesters? You may find the same focus, since grad school also elminates general education garbage and is all the class you're actually interested in. :-)

Mishieru said...

Yeah, wouldn't it be great to be like Hermione? I love school and i love learning though i wasn't able to continue to college. I will if i got the chance. BTW, congrats on the A!

michelle said...

thanks shayna & mishieru :)

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