February 8, 2010

the unambiguous

i like him. he likes me. these things are facts. we both know it's true. and i'm loving it

NW got snowed in with us (on purpose cause he was lonely and didn't want the cat to eat his face), and part of the weekend was spent deciphering messages from a friend of a friend. he likes her, but she's throwing all sorts of crazy signals. at the beginning, i was convinced she liked him. then he talked to her a few times while here, and it became less definite what she was going for. he finally just asked her out, and her response was less than ideal. she said yes because they "don't know each other very well". in NW's opinion, he may be ladder jumping*. i feel bad for his situation; at the same time, it makes me appreciate the lack of ambiguity in mine

Mr. InSlut** and i are getting along wonderfully. even with our off schedules, we find time to talk almost everyday. i say, "i want to cuddle". he responds, "i is all yerz to cuddle" (yes, he occasionally talks like a southern lolcat :p). he wants to save the stub from the jimmie's chicken shack show because it'll be our first official date. he laughs at my bad jokes, and says silly things that make me smile. i flat out told him that i like him, and he wants to take a step forward

in the process of stepping forward, he cut something loose... the other woman... they were talking before i popped up on Mr. InSlut's radar, but it doesn't seem that it was going very far. she lives a million miles away (he's got a gift for finding long distance ladies) so it was harder to really get anything going. he was the one who felt bad that he was still kinda tied to her at this point. i rarely brought it up because i didn't want to make it an issue. i've got enough going on that i don't need to create drama

but after last week, he's all mine. to mark the occassion, we became facebook friends lol. i've been grinning for days, but that's nothing new :)

*as a woman, i think this theory is bunk :p
**it's official :) did i mention it was A's awesome suggestion? lol


I Really Suck At This said...

Yaaaay! You guys are too cute. Congratulations!!!

Ebony Jewel said...

Awwww yay for you and Mr. InSlut - I'm happy you guys are official! Tell him I said don't eff up or it's on! LOL

Ashley said...


That's all.

Alyson Blaire said...

there is an award waiting for you on my blog :)



Rock Mom said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay thats so cool :D

S.I.F. said...

You know it's serious when you take to to Facebook! Ha!

I love starting out in a new relationship... That falling part is so much fun! Congratulations!

Niks La Mode. said...

lovvvvvvvvve this post congrats hun n enjoy the :falling part" :)

Nealypants said...

the eff is up with that hand? creepy.

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