February 12, 2010

do a little dance

when i saw this post, kc and the sunshine band popped into my head. don't ask me why :)

thanks, alyson! she's the fabulous woman behind culture & couture who gave me this adorable award


rules of the game:
- put the award on your blog (on the sidebar or in one of your posts)
- pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have received it
- share the love and provide a link back to the person from whom you've received it
- bask in the warm Sunshine of your new found fame! [lol that one might be a bit much, but i'll enjoy the award nonetheless]

here are a few people who put some sunshine in my days (for more, check the blog roll or clicky here):
- Industrious Me (and industrious tumbling)
- LaMidge
- pink dinosaurs (and wenchy goodness)
- Pinkie Larue
- Sea Kisst
- Seize the Moments

now go check them out... and don't forget alyson's fashion awesome. shoo shoo :)


Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this lovely award. It's my first! I hope your day is full of sunshine and you're recovering from Snowpocalypse 2.0! :)
Much love,

Aimee said...

Thanks for the comment on The Intrevolt. So glad to meet another INTJ. :)

Ebony Jewel said...

YAY YAY YAY!! I got an award!! Going to blog about it now along with the GA Snowpocalyse!

Kate said...

Cute award! Good on you for winning it <3

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