February 17, 2010



grad school is eating my soul. i spent a week doing jack shit because of the snow, and i'm suffering the consequences. i managed to get through my stats homework to turn in yesterday, but i still have a ton of reading to do. plus i need to work ahead a bit so i don't have to worry about anything next weekend. i'm spending the weekend with Mr. InSlut, and i don't want school work looming over my enjoyment

it's moments like this that i need to take a step back. i need to remind myself why it is i go through the torture. i love school because i am a huge nerd :p i just hate being forced to read a bunch of information and then sit through a two hour lecture of that same information. i want to discuss the readings. i want to expand and apply my knowledge of the material. i dont want to see a powerpoint presentation copy/pasted from the textbook. i don't want to answer stupid everyone knows this shit questions for participation points. im not being challenged, and im already starting to slack. so i remind myself that:

a) psychology is the only field i am passionate about. helping people is my life's purpose
b) i have to finish this degree to get my license and start helping people
c) all of this information is important on some level. details aren't as important as the overall concepts
d) i can get through this semester and this program. i am not a failure
e) i really dont want to spend the rest of my working life as an "associate manager, quality and process SME". i still dont even know what that shit means

in news that relates to you, dear readers, i will be updating less frequently. partly cause my brain is full of normal distributions and cranial nerves. partly so i have time to get school work done without feeling guilty for neglecting le blog... of course, i'll still be reading/commenting blogs and tweeting because i could never turn my back on the internets. hope y'all are having a wonderful wednesday :)

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Ebony Jewel said...

That's right!! You are not a failure!! You're going to kick grad school in the gonads girl!! I know it's super stressful & the reading is such a pain in the ass, but you'll get through it! Now...I need you to promise to tell me the same shit when I finish up my masters! LOL

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