January 18, 2010

do some good

so many things are happening around me that i'm surprised i can keep up. not everything has been positive, and i've felt that there is little i can do about it. so, friends, i'm asking you to do something. if we all do just a little, good things can happen...

big changes are happening for(to?) ashley over at germato. her future hubby made a huge decision to leave his job at the end of the month. this is a good thing. she's looking for information and advice to help them get by until nathan finds something new (and *fingers crossed* better). from ashley's post: "Share your knowledge. Tell me what got you through the tough times. Explain your extra sources of income. Leave me/us words of encouragement. Keep us in your thoughts. And if you can, repost. The more people that can give me insight on what’s looking to be a rocky road ahead, the better."

brittney from lamidge has lost one of her babies (of the four legged persuasion). rom hasn't been seen at the homestead, near dallas, since last week. if you know anyone in the area, please pass this along. i've got my fingers crossed that he just shows up at home one day as if nothing happened... cats are like that i imagine

on the global front, haiti needs all the support it can get. everyone takes visa (american red cross, oxfam america, yele haiti, doctors without borders). plus there's that cellphone thing. if you haven't donated, please consider sending $5 instead of buying that grande skinny vanilla latte with the extra shot from starbucks

people need help. everywhere, every day. what are you doing about it?

some truly awesome individuals are raising money for the multiple myeloma research fund. for more information on who, how and why go visit erin over at the state that i am in or ashley. i told you people are always in need of a helping hand...


Ashley @ Germato.com said...

Thanks SO much for posting!

Brittney said...

What is THIS?!!? Are you like the CUTEST PERSON EVER?!?! I'm voting to keep you on the island, missy!

michelle said...

woohoo :D ...just trying to help where/as i can

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