January 21, 2010

crush codenames

since high school, i have nicknamed every crush/boyfriend i've had. it makes it easier to discuss them with friends without being found out. until P, they were all named after candy (snickers, milky way, jollyrancher, etc). [P got a real life petname, which i practically never used] unfortunately, i have yet to give the crush a name, and le boy is not going to work forever. i've used all the candies i actually like so coming up with something good has proven to be daunting. a couple weeks ago, i joked with him that he was going to be known as "busy bee" on my blog, but it doesn't quite fit the way i like... so i'm turning it over to y'all now (you can thank ashley for putting the idea in my head :))

couple things to note:
i don't like traditional nicknames/petnames. im more likely to call him pumpkin tits or something equally ridiculous
i will probably call him this to his face at least twice

about him:
about 6mo older than me (scorpio)
gamer (prefers xbox)
used to play the bass guitar
pittsburgh steelers fan (boo)
works in IT (customer support, wants to shift to networking)
i think he's funny
tall guy :)
likes to draw
good in bed
car guy

likes english bulldogs, but doesn't own a pet
cute and genuinely sweet
has more music than god
says stuff like:
  • "i was like... bouncely excited thinking about you coming up again"
  • "cheetos look like little wizard staffs.... or very tasty vampire steaks... or a billy club made of cheese"
  • "i don't know how i'm gonna live for that long without your flirtatious insluts :P" (he meant insults lol)

he's an amalgam of things i find awesome, which makes it harder to pick a silly name that suits him. so yea... have at it in the comments cause i'm at a total loss :p

ps - le boy is now reading le blog. i thought it'd be weird, but i'm strangely glad about it :)
pps - to le boy, you are not allowed to participate :p


Ashley @ Germato.com said...

Ooh, yay!

I'm putting more work on you. Pick out one of the things you mentioned about him up there. Any one your heart desires. I am going to base it off of that though so make sure it's a good one. (As in.. don't expect much other than Mr. Cheeto or The Vampire or Billy if you give me that.)

michelle said...

hahaha um... how about music? either playing it or listening to everything under the sun :)

Nealypants said...

I vote against Cheeto. People who don't know the backstory may start to think he has parts that are orange and spindly. Billy club would also lead to anatomical questions.

"Bouncely excited" makes me think of Tigger. I hesitated to suggest it, because if it sticks and I have to hear it I might lose what small part of my sanity I have left. That level of cuteness would likely be the end of me.

Now I'm more concerned with how I'm going to refer to him when you're out of earshot.

me said...

Wow. I'm terrible at this. Everything I come up with is super cheesy.

And? My name up there keeps saying me instead of my name. I don't know why it won't change!

michelle said...

lol i'll accept cheesy submissions. i keep coming up with really dumb stuff.

on the name thing - it might be something to do with the profile setup...? i will say though it's funny to get emails from "me" and i have to remind myself that it's not me me :)

me said...

Maybe I'll leave it for the comic relief of it.

I'll send you a list of names today then!

Jill said...

Pumpkin Tits is hilarious! I vote for that nickname :)

I love tall boys haha!

Ebony Jewel said...

I also like Pumpkin Tits lol. What does le boy think his nickname should be? Ever ask him?

michelle said...

hahaha when i mentioned it a couple weeks ago, he suggested i use his real nickname. rejected on two counts: 1) im trying to maintain a small about of anonymity and 2) i always insist on not using the same nickname everyone else uses. im a rebel like that lol

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