December 4, 2009

day 4: best book

from gwen bell's best of 2009 challenge: "What book - fiction or non - touched you? Where were you when you read it? Have you bought and given away multiple copies?"

i didn't do much reading for fun this year, but i was able to read a couple good books. seeing (jose saramago) was the most interesting. i love the way saramago unfolds stories, placing the reader as an observer. the story always seems to be in motion, even at the beginning and end of the book. seeing is the follow up to blindness, one of my favorite books. both are highly intriguing critiques on humanity/society :)

my other book of the year, part of my favorite book series, is if you give a cat a cupcake :) i realize this is a children's book, but i love it. kid's books have the simplest lessons that can still matter way past the age of seven. who doesnt need sprinkles with their cupcakes? these are important facts to remember, everyone :p if you give a mouse a cookie is definitely on my "baby's first book" list

what about you? did you read anything of note this year?


amusingfire said...

Loved Blindness. Thanks for the reminder for Seeing. Not sure about the other rec. I've sworn off cupcakes! ;-)but will file it away... already, I'm thinking about sprinkles!

michelle said...

lol well cat cupcakes arent for everyone

Kristan said...

Aw, here via the #best09 challenge, and I now want to read both these books! I LOVED Blindness, so I'll have to follow up with Seeing. And both the moose and cookie books were precious, so I can't see how the cat could fail! :D

Ebony Jewel said...

OMG I used to love If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! Reminds me of being a kid again!

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