December 12, 2009

catching up

time to get back to  gwen bell's best of 2009 challenge :)

best night out: every single one

every night out has been fun for it's own reasons. cathing up with JP over delicious sushi. watching AF & JO's fireworks display on july 4th. dinners with N & JL. wandering around downtown baltimore with EM & MM... any night with my friends is going to be awesome :)

best moment of peace: the poconos with P (the ex)

best challenge: the loyola experience

i was pushed to my patience and self doubt limits, and managed to bounce back. thanks to my awesome friends and family for reminding me that i am not an idiot. i will finish this degree, no matter how long it takes me

best album: pomplamoose videosongs

if you don't know pomplamoose, you seriously need to go to their youtube page. they are so talented

best place: my bed

it's super comfy and cute. i didn't like it at first (the bed i really wanted was discontinued), but it grew on me.... and now it's calling my name :)

good night, bloggy friends


Ebony Jewel said...

LOL best place: my bed? LOVE IT! I'm thinking that my best place is also my bed. I only see my bed about 3 days a week, so when I actually get to sleep in it, that's wonderful!

michelle said...

hahha that's the best part of traveling: coming home :)

Niks La Mode. said...

I agree with the best place is ur bed ! SO IS MINE! esp when I can sleep in it alone hahahahahah

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