December 15, 2009

3 days of best things...

more from gwen bell's best of 2009 challenge...

best change to the place you live: the place i live

i moved about 10 min from my old place (1b/1ba, $1040/mo) to a small townhouse (3b/2.5ba, $1455/mo). as much as i loved living alone, the rent was too much to handle. i oscillate on a regular basis between liking and hating the new place. the only constant is the extra cash i have each month makes me happy... for about 6.2 seconds because there's always a bill to pay :p

best rush: king's dominion in july with the girls

that's the dominator (view from the eiffel tower); it was awesome! we left with headaches, but the day was super fun

best tea: chai latte

i love tea. i have cinnamon apple spice herbal tea at the office, which is yummy. i like darjeeling, english breakfast and earl grey. but black chai + milk + 2 packets of splenda = a very happy michelle. throw in a book, and i've got saturday afternoon covered :)

now it's your turn. what are some of your bests?


Niks La Mode. said...

Hmm some of my bests ?

Best moments : When I say kiss mommy and they do I love it! :)

Best times A good nite out with the hubby

Best hobby : Retail Therapy :) lol

Faux Chef said...

I find it odd that the best change to the place you live isn't "my awesome roommate."

michelle said...

niks - fabulous bests :)

pants - that's cause it was implied... or because i hate you. one of the two :p

Trixie said...

That roller coaster looks awesome! I love them, but haven't been on one in a while.

michelle said...

trixie - if you end up on one soon, i recommend bringing some tylenol along for the ride :)

Ebony Jewel said...

My bests of 2009 - Playing in the snow like a kid! We don't get snow in GA, so traveling a bunch to places with snow has been great!

The other best of 2009 was the birth of my niece. She's the cutest thing ever & has brought our family closer together!

michelle said...

ebony - snow is fun in small amounts. 2' in a day is just crazy :p 2009 is the year for babies. it's great that your niece drew everyone closer :)

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