November 20, 2009

worst payday ever

double boo. so i got a fabulous raise that went into effect on the 1st. today is the first paycheck with my increase... which fucked up my taxes. i planned ahead (cause that's what i do best); thank you irs website for being handy. i didnt want to get screwed when it came time to file, so i opted to have extra withheld from today's check. that was a bad idea...

i had a total of $560 withheld, which resulted in a paycheck $200 less than im used to getting. it's just enough to cover rent... and little else. not so much an fml moment since i (luckily) have money in savings. the remainder of my school loan money became my emergency/credit card payment fund in aug (i took this semester off, not entirely voluntarily. tell you about it later). you'd think a raise would be wonderful at this time of year. and i was actually looking forward to having the extra cash to maybe shop on black friday. im going out regardless to watch the crazies fight over rock band. but it wouldve been nice to punch a man in the face for the last blender at walmart...

i guess i should be thankful i still have a job and a steady paycheck, but im still grumpy

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Niks La Mode. said...

awh!!! I am sorry that sucks but hopefully tax time you will be good! thankful to have a job is a good attitude to have! :)

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