November 23, 2009

if i won...

jenn over at free and flawed is giving away a laptop. part of me really wants it; the rest of me feels like a traitor to toshiba lol

dont get me wrong, i love HP too. it's just that i haven't owned an HP since my high school desktop. i got a toshiba laptop when i started college, and my grad gift was a new (sleeker, widescreen) toshiba for grad school. of course the "new" laptop doesnt get much grad school use (have i still not filled you in on that? hmmm really should get around to it) and is 3.5 years old. she still runs fairly well considering she's brimming over with pictures, downloaded sims objects and itunes. instead of buying another replacement, i was thinking about an external harddrive. toshiba has cute ones that hold a gillion gigs, and one day i might funnel some of my shoe money into getting one. [sidebar: im amazed that external harddrives arent wireless yet. what's up that technogeeks?] but now that windows vista is out of the picture, im reconsidering my stance. la verbena and i have our moments, but i still love her. most of the time we're together, replacing her seems ridiculous. and then she hangs or runs out of virtual memory. leaving me silently despising her. i miss the old days when it was all smooth sailing; why cant we have that back?

new HP, are you the answer to my relationship woes? we bought mom an HP (the dvt) for christmas last year, and it is lovely. i dont remember the specs i chose off the top of my head, but mom LOVES it. i sass her constantly because all she does is play freecell and spider solataire while watching tv. at least she doesnt have to share a desktop with my dad anymore :p

unlike my mother, id actually be mobile with my laptop. i could go hang out at starbucks like the cool kids or find a nice quiet spot in a local park. not that i currently have much to do away from home that requires a laptop, but having the option is nice... when grad school round 3 starts (fingers crossed, everyone), i can hang out in a corner of the library without worrying about plugs placement. i can more easily work on group projects (bah) because my computer wont randomly decided to have a bad day, slowing our progress... plus i'll have the new windows 7. i dont know much about it, but i have to admit it looks funtacular. naturally, id get office 2007 to accompany the new os. i have it at work, and am slowly liking it more and more. still not feeling the new word, but excel is growing on me (and im a girl who loves her spreadsheets)...

ugh now i really want this damn laptop. im still not ready to part with la verbena, but i definitely want some change... a "new laptop" fund may be in order if i dont win

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Niks La Mode. said...

LOL. @fund! I need me a new laptop b4 my hubby takes my MAC privileges away I use his way too much!

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