November 25, 2009

three blind mice

this week is putting me over the edge...

1. it won't stop raining, and people are complete fucktards about driving in it. people slamming on their breaks and swerving because the only car in front of them (which is a 1/2 mile away) started to slow down. people ahead of me in the fast line going 10 mph below the speed limit and the assholes behind tailgating. people not stopping at red lights because they're apparently above the law

2. thanksgiving is officially my least favorite holiday. i stayed up last night to make the mini pumpkin pies, and burned the crusts. i was up until 4 fucking am, and i still have to make side dishes. if i can get the mac n cheese and stuffing cooked tonight, they'll only need to be reheated tomorrow, and i can focus on the 2nd batch of pies in the morning. otherwise, i may blow a gasket

3. we have mice. i officially hate our place. i was willing to put up with the old semifunctional appliances, the worn carpet on which ive slipped more than once coming down the stairs and the crazy neighbors. i will not put up with rodents. i pride myself on the cleanliness of my home, and now we have fucking mice the day before thanksgiving. W T F

the only things keeping me from eating people... google reader is full of new posts/tweets from around the interwebs. reading about other people's crazy and/or awesome happenings keep me from dwelling on the unpleasant shit piling up around me

2. seeing old friends is fantastic. i went out to dinner with alumni members (plus a current senior) of our GSA and the group's advisor. we talked about the usual stuff: recent breakups, engagements, g & d's commitment ceremony, job hunting... great food + great conversation = fab. tonight, im hanging out with m for the first time in 2 years. she and her little family moved to myrtle beach early 07. of course there's tomorrow's festivities with the children [my siblings], n's parents, g and her boy. j, l, n and i are going out black friday. it sounds like we're starting at the mall at midnight (eek). im seeing starbucks and mcdonald's sausage mcmuffins in my future. i also need to fit in time with cz; must remember to call her... busy busy busy

3. the promise of a nap tomorrow. i am so beyond tired (see above nonsense). if i can get some foods out of the way tonight, i can sleep most of the day... this plan, of course, will probably get screwed. but im getting a nap at some point if i have to kill a man in the proccess!

ugh... im starting to feel less scattered, but it's just a brief calm before the next storm :( in case i collapse into a twitching pile of hostility beforehand...