November 17, 2011

wine & love10

how about a late day wine and love? good? good :) thanks, nora!

reasons my glass is double:

- the obvious

- a fight stemming from a miscommunication that lasted way longer than necessary because of miscommunications

- a constantly changing syllabus means i have no real idea when shit is due or even if certain things are still required

- my work project might get pulled because it may be pointless. i'm annoyed by so many things involving this even though i despise the project

- business partners who don't show up for regularly scheduled meetings with no explanation

reasons i'm loving this week:

- resolving the never ending fight and more reinforcement that my girls will always be there for me

- having a 98% in my other class. the class i was more concerned about screwing up when this semester began :)

- creating wedding inspiration boards to help JP.. and to feed my addiction for weddingy things

- two successful weeks of working out and cooking at home. neal and i skipped last friday morning's workout because we were both exhausted, but the plan is working out quite nicely

- dinner date with neal tomorrow since he has gift cards to use. i see some martini flights and creme brulee in my face

- motown station on pandora. it's keeping me calm as i deal with work aggravations, and it's helping me make my wedding playlist ;)

- one week until turkey day and my favorite people watching event. i'm having dinner with neal's family. we're all cooking things so it's gonna be crazy. plus the ravens plan the niners (harbaugh v harbaugh!) for TNF. plus i'm "shopping" with two of my favorites. there will be obnoxious amounts of food, many discussions, hard hits, venti starbucks, mcdonald's hashbrowns and much cursing over the course of two days. it's gonna be AWESOME

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?