September 9, 2011

feeling special

i finally spent some time catching up on my fave blogs today after days of ignoring my reader. grad school is all consuming as usual :p scrolling through, i saw my name. who me? really? for good things? yep :) someone thinks i'm bootiful

thanks, sophia!!! the award is for beautiful bloggers. not just the blogs, but people who are beautiful on their insides and outsides :)

rules first. because there are always rules, and they're less fun than the nominations:

1. link back to the person who nominated you
2. choose as many bloggers as you'd like. share their blog links, and let them know about the award
3. don't remove the link to from the award (that's just rude)

nominations after :) the hard part... other than the wonderful sophia, here are some of the bloggers who continually amaze me:

Tillie [a nuttier life]
Rini [adorkable me]
Emily [Emily Jane]
Lexa [Lemmonex]
Amy [life's journey with a smile]
Sarah [Silly Grrl]
Nora [Walking with Nora]