July 21, 2011

wine & love5

it's been a while, but how about some wine & love today? :) and don't forget to visit the lovely nora, who started this all

reasons my glass is full:

- i'm pmsing, which means general irritability at everything, a constant state of exhaustion and about four times the proper amount of salt added to everything

- i need an oil change, but i'm still pissed about my last trip. i might just go to the location round the corner from home instead of the one by work

- continued access issues are making me increasingly stabby. i'm about two emails away from giving up on this three (nearly four) month ordeal

reasons i'm loving this week:

- had a meeting with dr. j about my suspension, and it's been waived! i didn't have to bawl and beg for another chance; she and the dean agreed that i should get another one. i'm just waiting on the dean to approve my course selection :)

- the business is starting off ok. business cards have arrived, website has been put together and we're starting to build our client list. we had a couple setbacks, but i think we're still in a good place right now

- making lots of fun plans :) might have lunch with mom friday. seeing HP7 (again) with julia and leslie in a couple weeks. hosting our first game night. brunch with stace and crabs with the parents when jesse comes down. on top of plans to go up to jesse's this weekend and seeing two shows next week

- opened a credit union account because i'm over wells fargo (i'm gonna miss wachovia immensely). everyone's been super nice and helpful even though i've had a few issues. one phone call, a trip to a branch and lots of patient explanations seem to have sorted everything out. i didn't even have to yell at anyone

- #summerofharry. we're on goblet of fire, which is still my least favorite, for the next two weeks. i'm really excited for the last three though. can't lie; i love dark and twisty. the growing threat of voldemort's return is so exciting, and i love his eventual defeat. all it needed was a little more neville fucking longbottom ;)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?