June 26, 2011

the cut

mission: accomplished. got my hairs chopped off yesterday. my stylist (i can claim her after two visits right? right :)) said i probably could've donated my hair if it weren't so dry. that's how much i lost. ridiculous! it's a super cute cut, straightened or curly :)

for reference, the befores:
post shower, wet hair - straightened adds about 5in
15min of drying
 and then, there were afters:
after hours of humidity, playing with it and sleeping on it
adding a headband and half smile makes me look less criminal ;)
it took about two hours to wash, cut and style. it's still itchy where little dry hairs are poking me. and i need to buy a head scarf so i can wrap it at night. but, i'm SO happy with it. i probably won't go curly until this weekend. mostly cause i look even more like my mom (hey there, curly fro), and i don't want people to think we're twins when we go to lunch this week :p