March 14, 2011

warriors week11

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
  2. There are two weeks left in this challenge – what goals are you making priority?
  3. Many people are on or heading into Spring Break right now, do you find it easier or harder to stay on track when your routine disappears?
  4. Tell us something positive about this challenge. Could be something that happened to you, you did, you realized…etc.
  5. Fun Question of the Week: The clocks sprung forward this weekend, does the time change mess you up or do you just go on like nothing happened?
question 1: all i can say is ugh. i got my letters out and was at work on time three straight days. however, all my time and brain power was consumed by homework. two two hour meetings, transcription, reading and studying to be done. guess how much actually got done *sigh* plus i didn't have the energy to really blog. i'm putting that goal on hold because things are just going to get worse. i can't even work out plans with my girls because every weekend is booked for someone through the end of may. huge bummer, but there may be skype dates in our future. i'm gonna skype date everyone at this point :p

question 2: it hit me, as i opened this post, how truly close to the end it is. and my heart skipped an unhappy beat. in the next two (and more) weeks, school is definitely going to be the focus. i have pretty much opted to put finding a new job on the back burner for now. i don't have the time or mental capacity to apply and interview. plus i'm sick of being asked the same damn questions in the same system by six different positions that won't let me just save my answers to be used in subsequent applications. straight A's don't earn themselves so homework takes top priority. blogging and work (non)shiz can wait

question 3: mine is next week, and i am gonna flounder a bit. i always do. even my free time has a designated slot in the schedule because i suck at going with the flow. not having homework is gonna throw me off my game. so i might be a nerd and work ahead... well, let's be honest. i'll be playing catch up if i do anything at all. i like structure, but i'm also lazy. hence "do your homework" being a goal in the first place :p plus i still have work so it won't be a full break. that might keep me a bit more on track than a full vacation though...

question 4: i've altered my thinking in regards to scheduling my time, and i managed to stay on task for the most part. i still go off the rails when i'm stressed, but i beat myself up about it less. i can still get my stuff done, enjoy other things and not think i'm a failure at life

question 5: it makes me very grouchy for the first week or so. i'm three for three on bad sleep habits, but i'm hoping it's all normal by the end of spring break. i hate oversleeping and waking up with headaches

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{spring is my fave time of year. i don't care for all the extra sun (seriously, i'd rather be a vampire. it burns my poor little eyeballs), but i love new blooms. one day i'm gonna have a glorious garden filled with tiger lilies}

my progress plus all the weekly questions on skinny (goals 1-4) and desultory (goals 5-10)