February 14, 2011

warriors week7

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
  2. What goal are you doing best on?
  3. What goal do you have to push yourself a little more to complete? What is your plan to do so?
  4. We’ve talked about who pushes us to do better with our goals – is there anyone/thing that hinders you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have any special plans for the day? It’s okay if you think it’s a Hallmark holiday that you wish to boycott!
question 1: so very little :( this week was such a waste for me. i didn't do a single bit of homework after tuesday. i haven't even opened a book and pretended to do homework. i sent vday cards to my girls, but i didn't bother writing notes in them. KJ wrote me a quick note in response to my letter, which was sweet. unfortunately, nothing to respond to. maybe i'll nauseate everyone with my valentine's day after jesse's visit. or maybe i'll just drop this goal altogether since it requires effort from others, too. i squeezed in blogposts (one written last night) just to meet that goal. i luckily had a small bit of inspiration so both side blogs will have updates ready for this week. not much to say here since i'm still a debbie downer with nothing new to whine about. haven't opened jonathan strange, but i have gotten my google reader waaay down again

question 2: getting to work on time has become my best accomplishment. it's the goal i thought would be tied with homework as the hardest to complete. excluding the first week, i've gotten to the office by 9 more days than not. i do allow myself a 15 min window just in case i'm having a slow day or need to make a stop... i've been counting blog reading as my "me time" reading session, but i really do want to finish a book. i've had to adjust my schedule a couple times, which has allowed me more time in the evenings. most of that time is spent online, of course, which is driving me a wee insane. i know i need to unplug, but sometimes it's crazy hard

question 3: i want to say all of them :p really i need to focus on getting my homework done and taking my me time offline. maybe this week i'll start unplugging... maybe

question 4: me myself and i. i'd love to blame someone else, but it all comes down to me. i'm letting myself get too stressed out, and i'm starting to shut down

question 5: on the day (today)? no. i have class and a meeting. plus my boy is two hours away. he's coming down this weekend, and i have a small surprise for him. today, for me, is simply a monday and a friend's birthday

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{on the list of things i'm trying to remember this week}

my progress plus all the weekly questions on skinny (goals 1-4) and desultory (goals 5-10)