April 8, 2010

saving some tatas

N and i are participating in the susan g. komen 3day walk for the cure in october. as participants, we've been asked to raise money to help fund the foundation's research efforts and community programs. our team's current goal is $10,000; my personal goal is $3000. so i'm coming to you, little blog group. i need to raise at least $16 per day from now until the event; that's less than a dollar per day from everyone following me. i know we're all still recovering from the recession, and we like our little luxuries. so i'm not going to guilt you into giving me money. but i would greatly appreciate if you would at least consider donating. if you'd like to contribute, you can donate on my personal page, over the phone (800-996-3DAY) or by using the handy box below (and in my sidebar)

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Washington, DC 3-Day for the Cure!

if you can't donate to the walk, please consider signing up with the army of women. they're looking to match up as many individuals (women and men) with breast cancer research studies as they can. admittedly, most of the studies focus on women who have been diagnosed with cancer. however, there are currently two studies (one quick, one long term) that do not require this; i'm participating in both. and new studies are started every week(ish) so you never know when one will apply to you or someone you know

in the us, one person is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes. i'm doing what i can to help reduce that number and to aid in more individuals becoming survivors. i hope that you can help in some way, too

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You are awesome, lady friend.

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