March 5, 2010

new friend friday

i've noticed recently that i have secret followers. so in order to coax them out of hiding, i'm borrowing ideas from the industrious ashley. she's awesome, and i'm a bandwagony kind of girl :)

welcome to...


new friend friday is about discovering new blogs i probably wouldn't find on my own. this is your chance to spam the hell out of my blog* without me cutting you

how does one participate?

easy peasy. if i'm already following you, suggest another blog. if i don't follow you, suggest that i stop by for tea and cookies**

what now?


{want to host new friend friday on your blog & get some linkage at the same time? 1) copy & paste the above text (or change it completely) 2) add a link back to my blog (and ashley's) 3) let me know in a comment 4) get added to the NFF participation roll}

*spam with other blogs, not links to viagra pills or amazon. i'm still moderating comments :p
**visits are guaranteed; adds are not. i'll leave a comment though :)


Sarah said...

Love this idea!

JenRem said...

Tea and cookies? Love it! Wish we could do that :)
ps- cute idea!

Rock Mom said...

Great Idea he he he, I'll def take part this Friday!
Did any of your secret followers come to the party??....

michelle said...

lol it is a great idea; i'm glad ashley thought of it. unfortunately, it's not working as well as i would like. i will keep trying though :)

The Ashes said...

You should stop by for tea and cookies. :)

Anonymous said...

Please stop by :-)

Loving your list of info -- thanks for sharing!

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