March 4, 2010

happy national grammar day

yea, it's a real day :p don't believe me? check it out :) so in honor of one of my favorite aspects of grade school english, here are links to my favorite grammatical things from the internets [please note that my love does not extend to all punctuation, and i don't necessarily use super awesome grammar when blogging... but you probably noticed that already]

Stuff White People Like - Grammar: "it is impossible for a white person to turn down the opportunity to proofread" (lol that's me)

William Strunk's The Elements of Style: "aims to lighten the task of instructor and student by concentrating attention ... on a few essentials"

and everyone's favorite... the oatmeal! motherfuckin' semicolon; apostrophe and misspelled words with a test

there's lots of fun to be had over at the national grammar day site, but i will fight you on some of this list: Top Ten Grammar Myths
#8 i'm disappointed in Merriam-Webster for allowing this crap to be added to the dictionary. people, i will red ink this when i proofread your papers (because of course you would ask me to proofread; reference item one above)
#2 is still extremely awkward to me. however (yea, #9!), i've noticed that i'm splitting more when i write, and i HATE it. that's a red ink
#1 red ink! the point of a paper is to sound pretentious. pretentious snoots don't end sentences with prepositions :p
i realize the list is referring to regular conversations, but some fools like to apply the above to academic work. please don't do it; you just look ridiculous

this ends your grammar lesson of the day. i hope you had as much fun as i did. now, i'm off to hunt down a grammartini :)


Anonymous said...

just thought you'd like to know that i got a 90% on the spelling test ;P

michelle said...

lol thats cause they gave you the words :p

Tillie said...

I suck at grammar. I suck at spelling. I hate proofreading!

The Comma Sutra has me cracking up! lol

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