February 19, 2010

new friend friday

i've noticed recently that i have secret followers. so in order to coax them out of hiding, i'm borrowing ideas from the industrious ashley. she's awesome, and i'm a bandwagony kind of girl :)

welcome to...


new friend friday is about discovering new blogs i probably wouldn't find on my own. this is your chance to spam the hell out of my blog* without me cutting you

how does one participate?

easy peasy. if i'm already following you, suggest another blog. if i don't follow you, suggest that i stop by for tea and cookies**

what now?


{want to host new friend friday on your blog & get some linkage at the same time? 1) copy & paste the above text (or change it completely) 2) add a link back to my blog (and ashley's) 3) let me know in a comment 4) get added to the NFF participation roll}

*spam with other blogs, not links to viagra pills or amazon. i'm still moderating comments :p
**visits are guaranteed; adds are not. i'll leave a comment though :)


Rhi said...

http://rhisbrain.blogspot.com/2010/02/nff.html woo hoo

Aurora said...


Ebony Jewel said...

Check out my bloggy friend Becca... I don't believe you follow her..yet! :)

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