February 19, 2010

i can haz boyfriend?

why, yes. yes, i can :p

if you follow me on twitter, then you probably saw yesterday's mini-meltdown right before i left work. don't know what hit me, but i went from fine to almost in tears in a matter of minutes. ashley talked me off the proverbial ledge enough that i could get out of the office before my eyes started leaking. got my very delicious burger and fries (and some fresh sushi for tomorrow) from whole foods, and promptly called Mr. InSlut. for (what feels like) the first time, i was a big girl about my feelings with the person who was directly related to all of it. i rambled and stammered through some nonsense, while depositing a check at the bank (woot for school expense reimbursements) and fighting the urge to devour my dinner in the parking lot of wachovia. he thought my stumbling was cute; he thinks everything i do is cute. i think i'm an insane person who overthinks everything and typically doesn't make sense because all her thoughts come tumbling out of her mouth at once (imagine that sentence with no breath and about 10 octaves too high. yea, that's what i hear in my head). he took it like a trooper (i still don't know how), and we talked the entire way home. i felt a million times better at the end of that 45 minutes... and the conversation kept going

and going

and going

and going


i took a break to talk to HE. we needed to catch up, and she needed a little pep talk, too. i'm very excited for her because when we got off the phone she had an email about an interview :) and i can't wait to see her in a month (ugh a month!) for her birthday. i feel the need to give her a gigantic hug (don't know when i became a huggy person, but it may be permanent)

and then i called InSlut again to continue our silly conversation. he spent the entire night sending me youtube videos of bands i'd never listened to because i eluded to taking him to mayhemfest. plus we had a tool scavenger hunt cause i recalled a video that i'm now not sure ever existed. but he did his best to find it for me :) somehow the quick "i need to spill my brain goo and move on" chat turned into an epic nine hour conversation. i can't remember the last time i talked to anyone for more than an hour or two, especially not someone i talk to every day. and the conversation probably wouldve continued had i not dozed off for a minute lol. i think it helps that he's so passionate about music. there were quite a few rants and a couple musicgasms, which kept me entertained while taking up a good chunk of time... but the most important thing to come out of the conversation is:

we are officially an us

...in case you didn't get that from the title :)


rini said...

Yay!!! :)

Aurora said...

<3 I love it when you find someone you can talk to for hours
good luck with everything x

I Really Suck At This said...

YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE! So sorry your day was crappy yesterday, but I hope Mr. InSlut made it better!

michelle said...

@irsat - he made it sooooo much better even before the "let's make this official" discussion :)

Soph! said...

oh yay! congratulations!

Ebony Jewel said...

That's great!! Happy to hear that you two are officially a couple! Sounds like he's an awesome guy!

Ashley said...

I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY! And so late, but much happier! I am so glad you talked to him and things ended up how they are. You truly do deserve it.

Weird fact: Nathan and I spent a couple of nights passing YouTube videos back and forth when we first met. Your comment reminded me how simple things like that can be so special. :)

Chuck said...

This is a very delayed reading and comment on my part... but CONGRATS! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog about the men in your life and I am very happy to hear about your new bf.

I haven't blogged about my last few months of melt downs and boy/man drama but I, like you, now have someone... a new bf who makes me ridiculously happy, happier than I have ever been before!

Again congrats!

And YAY! for bfs... as lame as that is! :) But effin' YAY for us!

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