February 3, 2010

i got bored/annoyed/whatever, and changed my background + some colors. right this moment i like it, but i'll probably hate it in a week :p

i'm so scattered these days (damn uterus). my brain is trying to pull me in a million directions at once so focusing longer than 2 minutes is near impossible. as such, i can't even focus on a real post. instead you get this lovely kitteh...


i'll try again tomorrow


Nealypants said...

Please don't become one of those people who use lolcats to express their emotional state. We won't be able to remain friends and I'll have to deny you at least three times. Just like Jesus. The one behind the couch.

Also, I'm open to suggestions on how to improve my blog. I don't really understand this new fangled technology and I'm having difficulty making any changes stick.

Sarah said...

damnit...i'm at work and they are blocking out your post picture..have to check again when i get home:(

michelle said...

sarah - no worries. you aren't missing much :)

pants - you leave the strangest comments :p i'll walk you through what i know about blogger this weekend

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

At least a tied-up pussy cat is better than no post at all. Lol.

I too have been thinking of a new blog layout for the new year but nothing has come to mind as yet. Ah, guess I'll keep blogging till it does.

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