January 29, 2010

everyone loves a quickie

today's accomplishment: conquering my google reader. after catching up on everyone else, i finally have time to update you on my goings on. well... there ain't much so this won't take long :)

- work: we got notified today that annual bonuses are back on. the company made enough money so they can reward us for making them enough money. woohoo! since i got a title change and a raise last year, my bonus will be pretty decent. too bad a huge chunk will go to uncle sam (super boo). on a downer, my project is on its own little rollercoaster. one day we're chugging along, and then we take a quick dip to finance's issues. while they're thinking of a way to tell us no, we discuss the issue with another department. time for an "oh we handle all of that crap for everyone" loopdeloop. find out that our department will not gain financially from this venture because the equipment now belongs to a different group. ooooh was that a full stop? is the ride over? of course not. we still need to deal with the process. oh look! another dip. turns out corporate has been working to streamline their process with our legacy group's process for the last year. now i have to figure out how to tell my boss that once again this project may not belong to us. i'm gonna do that monday. for now, im getting off the ride

- school: classes started tuesday. biological basis is reading intensive, but there's only exams and 1 short paper (woot). statistics will be mostly a refresher so i'm less worried about it. both my professors seem cool, which is good, and everyone's been super nice. i officially like university of baltimore... i like them so much, i applied to join their group blog. i think it'd be fun, but it's just one more thing i'm trying to add to my crowded plate. what's wrong with me?

- apartment: pants and i are moving. i'm so excited about getting out of glen burnie and that mouse house. we've looked at a bunch of places, and ive narrowed the list to two. theyre about the same cost, roughly the same size and have several features we wanted. pants is going to see the 2nd place this weekend (he had to miss our scheduled visit). i hope he likes it because it's only 10min* from my office. and the company that bought his company has an office that's about 15min* away from this place (his current office is 10min* from our place in GB). if he doesn't like it, i will be sad, but the 2nd place is also good. it's between two major highways (i love that MD is all highways) that'll get us to work in no time :) technically, we put a hold on the 2nd place as a backup, but i'm really hoping pants likes the 1st place and their availability opens up

- le boy: things are going fabulously :D i'm visiting in a few weeks to go see jimmie's chicken shack. plus im using guiltmy feminine charms to get him to visit me. if you don't know what charms i'm using, you need to follow me on twitter ;) boy still needs an appropriate nickname. right now the front runner is "Mr. InSlut"** (oh yea, i would actually capitalize that), partially because i'm a terrible person who treats him like a prostitute. buy a boy burgers and garlic fries, and he'll do anything you want... the only reason this fun doesn't have a label is because i'm holding back. i might have to face facts that he's my not-boyfriend [if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... but you refuse to acknowledge that you are staring at a fucking duck, it's a not-boyfriend]. even admitting that won't make it true in my head :p

- this weekend: GIRLS WEEKEND! i'm so excited. i'm hanging out with my college besties - JP, H(HF) & E(H). we've made it a point to get together at least once every season. H got first because she and S just bought a house and got a dog. i've got my fingers crossed that we'll see each other a little more often since we're now in a 4hour span instead of 12hour might have to fly instead of drive span. thank you I95 (can't believe i'm admitting that highway is making my life better). as usual, there will be lots of talking, eating, talking, sight seeing, talking and talking :) i can't freaking wait. as soon as i post this, im shutting down my computer, heading home for a quick dinner and then getting on the road. BEST WEEKEND EVER

so that's pretty much what's going on... turns out there's more than i thought :p

*without traffic
**thanks ashley! (the other me in my gmail lol)


Sarah said...

Sounds like a fab weekend you have planned! Hope it's crazy-fun!

Ebony Jewel said...

When isn't work filled with drama?! Hopefully the convo with your boss will go over well - sucks that you have to deliver the bad news though!

I'm totally laughing at the name for le boy aka Mr InSlut - let's just hope that for your sake he doesn't find your blog & his new potential blog name!

Anywho!! I have 3 awards for you over at my blog - check them out!

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