December 31, 2009

thoughts from the shower

so i had a pretty productive wednesday (esp considering i've had 3 really unproductive weeks). i managed to get some work done and get caught up on my blogs :)

i also did some thinking in the shower... it always seems i have my most important thoughts while in the shower or as im falling asleep. so naturally, i was thinking about le boy, and i've come to some conclusions...

1. i absolutely don't want a serious relationship right now. i've got classes starting at the end of january, which MUST be priority #1. also, i really can't deal with a serious commitment to a guy living two hours away. it would drive me batshitcrazy

2. he's really nice, we have similar viewpoints and he makes me giggle. however, i don't see myself ever getting serious about him. though, on the bright side, the negativity does not pervade; whatever issues he's had (has?) seem to be resolved (slash aren't as bad as i was thinking). no fixing for me :D

3. i would not be opposed to getting a little every now and then though. after all, girl's got needs

we'll see how this stance holds after this weekend... uh yea... going to visit the crush tomorrow lol. i'm excited cause i do like hanging out with new people (every now and again), but part of me is worried that i've built this weekend up too much. i already know that he has too so it'll be interesting. regardless of what happens, i'll be starting my year off with an adventure :)


Soph! said...

When I first saw this title, I thought, "whaaaa!? Blogging in the shower?!"

hehe, good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Have fun!

Chuck said...

I've learned that if the possibility of someone doesn't make you 100% happy, and you'll know if he does or doesn't, then he isn't right for you. If there is some hesitation in the beginning, or even before it's begun, then you know, deep down inside that it's not going to be right in the end.

Throw him in the friend category. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an extra male friend, especially one that can make a girl giggle. Those types of friends are always handy and welcome :)

Andhari said...

Serious relationship can be so exhausting. I agree to not jump into one if you're not absolutely sure about it. I'm in one and it drives me nuts.

Crushes, in the other hand, yessss. Sounds fun!:)

Dating is My Hobby said...

WOW. Love the blog background! I don't know if this is new because i usually read you through google reader, but its adorable.

And I also do my best thinking in the shower. Usually my best blog thinking :)

michelle said...

chuck/andhari - i definitely don't want to rush into anything, esp when i already have concerns about the long term. i rushed into my last relationship with clear long term anticipations, and it turned into complete shit in less than a year... this? im not going to beat around the bush about my expectations. but i do know my stance has slightly shifted on #2

michelle said...

dimh - lol it's seminew. i screwed up the previous background so picked something more festive for the holidays/winter :)

Ebony Jewel said...

LOL I had the same exact thought as Soph! when I saw this blog title. I was about to say how the hell did you post from the shower?!

I think all boys drive us crazy, but for some reason, we LOVE the chase.

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