December 2, 2009

days 1 & 2

best trip: M & A's wedding in georgia

i went as N's plus one to the wedding of people i'd never met :) the drive was great. the island was adorable. the wedding was beautiful and intimate. A's friends and family are crazy awesome. we had breakfast with M & A every morning and went walking around town a couple times. we got much needed massages. plus we're the same person so it wasn't annoying when we took a break to do some work lol... plus i managed to drink A LOT and still dropped 1.6 lbs that week

best restaurant experience: my 25th birthday at Houlihan's

i decided that i was not going to let this birthday slip by unannounced. 25 is a big deal, and i was going to kick it's ass. so i organized a birthday dinner with my closest in town friends (if only HB couldve come too) for the night of my birth, which conveniently fell on a friday this year. the service was crap (damn that automatic gratuity), but the food was still delicious. plus my dinner was free because im on houlihan's mailing list. even with our sour server, that night was awesome. i love my friends