December 21, 2009

day 21: project

from gwen bell's best of 2009 challenge: "What did you start this year that you're proud of?"

i think this is the easiest prompt to write yet. absolutely, hands down starting weight watchers. my personal project of the year has been losing weight. my mom had been trying to talk me into weight watchers for awhile, but i never felt much motivation. i've always gained weight slowly so i didn't think i had much cause for concern... then i visited my new gynecologist in april. that day i realized i was approximately four lbs away from my scary weight, the number that, in my head, screamed FAT. i was especially glad that my doctor didn't bring it up. i'd had doctor's in the past "talk" to me about it. not a lecture, more a disapproving "you know you should work on this" comment. i ignored them... creeping up on my fattie number freaked me out enough that i joined weight watchers the second i got to work. the ideal weight for someone my height and age was around 70 - 90 lbs less than where i started. as of last week, i've dropped over 30 lbs since joining. my overall progress has been wonderful, and i can't wait to set an official goal weight with my meeting leader. having gotten this far, i truly believe i can "finish" my project at a weight that makes me exceedingly happy :)


Ebony Jewel said...

So when you go back to visit your gyn or if you feel like calling to make an appointment, do exactly what I did: ask for an appetite suppressant. I started off taking Meridia, but it was too freakin expensive (like $108 a month for 30 pills). I asked my doctor for something more affordable and he gave me a rx for Phentermine. I LOVE it & it has helped me lose about 30 pounds. I had to do other stuff with it like run & change my eating habits, but it helped keep the hunger edge off for sure!

I've gained a bit during the holiday, but I'm getting back on the ball starting 01/01/10!

michelle said...

thanks for the suggestion, and good luck getting back on track :)

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