November 4, 2009

so i was originally thinking about participating in the 20SB carnival because i was bored. the topic is "can't live without?" i like stuff and have plenty of it. but you know what, i can live without a lot.

my question to you is what can you live with? can you live with the knowledge that we live an elitist society that doesn't truly believe that all people are created equal? can you live with the knowledge that children die every day from abuse, neglect and apathy from those who have the ability to help? can you live with the knowledge that people are viciously attacked (verbally, emotionally and physically) for countless reasons by individuals claiming to be christian? can you live with the knowledge that you are stupid enough to believe illogical filth spewed by people who cant remember their own history but insist that minorities are destroying your precious little bubble world?

i have a car, an ipod, a wii, a cellphone, a laptop, a great apartment, a steady paycheck, great friends and good family. i also have a cause. several, actually. fighting breast cancer. fighting for gay rights. fighting HIV/AIDS. fighting animal abuse. fighting childhood cancers. fighting world hunger.... i don't need someone to mail me a heartwarming pamphlet or call my home five times a day. i donate my time and money whenever i can because i actually care about these efforts. i want to support them in any way that i can. for me, the biggest cause is human rights. we're all flawed. we're all unique. and we're all people. we should be treated equally regardless of everything else. im furious today after maine's dismal decision to overturn gay marriage. these extremists show up at people's front steps, calling themselves grassroots organizations and spreading their venom across the country. these people are not to be trusted or believed. they are just selfserving idiots bent on hurting others. one doesnt have to condone homosexuality, but people need to recognize that denying others the most basic of rights, the freedom to love, is horrendously unfair. i think this world could do with a little more empathy

that's what i can't live without

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