November 5, 2009

does it really matter?

so i met this guy the other day, and we hung out on monday. fun was had by all

but i am overexposed to local news and the internets. there are so many stories of people being shot, raped, kidnapped, etc. so i like to know as much about a person as possible. it's not terribly easy to earn my trust, but it helps if you arent purposely deceitful. because google is my best friend, and i will track down as much information as i possibly can on new people in my life... enter the new guy i met online. i gave him my real cell number, email address, AIM screenname and facebook account. he came over to my place for dinner so he also has my home address in his GPS. that was monday

yesterday, i had nothing to do at work (much like every day of the last 2 months) so i went on my quest for more info. using the basic details he'd given me/posted online, i found some very interesting things... like a 2nd facebook account. i say interesting because he told me he deleted his account awhile back. plus this one was full of information and he's spent 0 time populating the one he sent me. i know he was getting regular updates to his facebook because he said so every time his blackberry buzzed. plus the names are different on the two accounts, but the one i found is absolutely him. so this is not a case of stolen internet identity (which has happened to me)

i thought about it all last night. i didnt have a reason to be paranoid before, but i was starting to be. everything he said sounded legit before. is he just a good liar? has he done this before? is this some sort of game for him? or was he being cautious? has he invited crazy in to his life before and is just covering his bases? does he not trust me? so rather than work myself in to a tizzy over someone i just met a week ago, i confronted him. i sent him an email with what i found, asking him to explain. im giving him 24 hours to contact me (he's got all my fucking information so it wont be that hard). if i dont hear anything back (or i just dont like the answer), im moving on. i honestly dont care. he's the one looking for "new friends in the area", not me. if anything, i'll keep him on speed dial for lonely nights ;)

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Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

Yeah. You never could tell who crazy you might run into on or offline these days. I always think one should be just a tad bit cautious until things feel safe or alright.

By the way? Did he respond?

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