November 13, 2009

my soundtrack?

eh. not so much... n & i are wasting time sending each other various youtube videos. he's latching on to kate nash because she so accurately describes his feelings about his recent break up. she reminds me of lily allen (sassy brits :)). plus we were watching sped up versions of so you think you can dance (awesome), which got roisin murphy's ruby blue stuck in my head again lol. so i went off to hunt her videos down... which led me back to lily allen. apparently, they have the same record label. so then i was watching videos of all the artists on parlophone records. one artist (eliza doolittle) covered whitney houston, and it was totally adorable. sent it to n, and he sent me pomplamoose :D i love pomplamoose! so, of course, now im watching ALL of their videos for the millionth time. if you don't know them, you MUST check them out: PomplamooseMusic (youtube) & Pomplamoose (website) because they are just fabulous. i got hooked on them after seeing their cover of single ladies on $2000 Budget Wedding. if you've got time to waste... psh please we all know you are only here because you're wasting time... check out their covers and originals. hail mary and expiration date are probably my favorite videos

lol all this to tell you that i love music and youtube... i think i originally had another point, but it's obviously misplaced. if i find it, i'll let you know. ta ta for now, internets