December 26, 2011

holiday haul

so much goodness this year :)

start off with my winter swap package from annie in ireland. technically, it wasn't a christmas gift, but it arrived on christmas eve. so it was the first thing i opened on christmas morning. so perfect!

snowflake ornament & hurling stick keychain (in her county colors)
claddagh ring, real cadbury chocolates and a knitted garland
i seriously love this package. annie made the garland, which is the. sweetest! and it looks perfect on my mini tree. european cadbury is a million times better than american so i'll be gorging myself on more sweets this week. for all my fascination with ireland and handful of friends of irish descent, you'd think i'd know something about claddagh rings. i don't! so it's fabulous that annie included information about its history. the ornament looks fragile so it's not on the tree; i'm saving it for when we have a full sized one :) i'm going to google hurling. annie's county is the best, and i'm intrigued to find out what it's all about

thanks so much, annie!!!

the rest of christmas was pretty awesome, too :D

for neal, i got portal 2, an apple slicer and an antique edition of tennyson poetry. for jesse, we (my family) got him the limited edition zelda 3DS. for me, two very happy boys ;) and...

limited edition disney princess ornaments
professor layton and the unwound future
professor layton and the last specter
visa gift card
subscription to food network mag
tetris axis
rufus wainwright rufus wainwright
rufus wainwright poses
ravens gnome
tons of bath & body works:
- shower puffy
- shimmer body butter (be enchanted)
- slippers
- shimmer mist (be enchanted)
- mini nail files
- large candle (cranberry woods)
- make up bags w mini postbac
- shower gel & body lotion (be enchanted)
- basket of hand cream (twilight woods, japanese cherry blossom and dark kiss)
- aromatherapy: sleep body lotion (night time tea)
air fresheners (for when the new car smell eventually wears off... details on that coming)
if you give a dog a donut, laura numeroff
a colbert christmas: the greatest gift of all!
to sir, with love
simply irresistible
the birds
hello, dolly!
the witches
the closer (season 3)
harry potter DVD box set
AZ special soap & mesquite honey
bracelet & framed ray lewis photo

i loved everything i got :) my favorite gifts are the HP boxed set, gnome and slippers

they're super comfy and warm :)
i hope all of your holidays were fabulous. on to new years!