October 13, 2011

wine & love8

hosted by the ever fabulous nora! oh, what a week...

reasons my glass is double:

- several days of rain starting the same week i'm pmsing. i have so little energy; i'm staying awake by sheer force of (waning) will

- not accomplishing as much as i needed to over the weekend so i had to cram everything into two days. that resulted in only two hours of sleep one night, which doesn't help my already exhausted self

- got my contingency planning assignment*, which doesn't require extra training yet. in the job aid, it lists my restrictions as colorblind, unable to stand for long periods or bend and exceeding ladder weight restrictions (325 lbs!!!). not one of these things is true, and i don't know where the information came from. none of that is in my employee profile *scowl*

- this work project is driving me insane. i seriously hate managing people and fielding questions i can't answer. it doesn't help that this woman keeps asking me the same fucking question. i've told her what i know, and i'm dealing with people on the other side of the world. i can't get you an immediate different answer so STOP ASKING

- general impatience and annoyance with everything. mixed in with some bullshit causing justified annoyance

reasons i'm loving this week:

- i had a lot of fun while i wasn't getting any work done. dinner at brewers art was amazing. chuck's rugby match was fun even though i didn't have a clue what was going on. and the wii party was full of ridiculous awesome (post coming soon)

- i attended a few psych webinars. two were boring, but the eating disorder session was great. the presenter was fantastic, and i'm pulling her studies for my research paper :)

- 1st midterm and 2nd paper done. i think i did pretty well on the midterm, but i'm concerned about the paper after tuesday's discussion. it's mostly opinion based. however, my opinion was based on a misunderstood concept. we'll see in two weeks. gotta refocus on the next midterm, another paper and prepping for my group...

- midweek massages and margaritas (and tacos and queso and girl chats). much needed on all counts

- JP GOT ENGAGED! she's one of my best girls, and i'm so incredibly happy for her (and a wee jealous). so excited that i ordered her little pink box gift while we were on the phone. can i just say that i've had her and HB's gifts picked out for ages?! i knew these boys were right :)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?

*basically, the union role i would fill should they go on strike next spring. we go through this every two years since half the company is unionized. i have my qualms with unions, but i don't believe in scabbing