October 6, 2011

wine & love7

another week to recap. thanks, nora!

reasons my glass is full:

- this whole week! ...ok, not the whole week, but a good chunk of it. i broke my favorite mug and have been struggling to glue it back together. pretty sure i broke my good karma at the same time

- general office annoyances because of fools who work in my building. small things, but still aggravating. throat punch #1

- 20SB email spam from members. yes, there is such a thing as too much promotion. throat punch #2

- too many distractions at the office means i'm behind on my homework for the week. need to get shit done, especially considering...

- dr. p canceled class tuesday night and assigned a group assessment in its place. we have to develop a treatment plan on two cases by monday, which is the day before our midterm. awesome, dude. just awesome

reasons i'm loving this week:

- went out to dinner with rae and claire (plus their british hubbies). i haven't seen rae and rich since claire and dom's wedding (THREE years ago!). it was really nice catching up. we ended up staying for trivia afterwards. totally awesome because we were tied for second to last, but ended up winning second place :)

- the super awesome 20SB team taking care of the spammer

- packages. got my ray lewis probowl jersey(!) and first part of a baby shower gift(!!)

- i had to request a couple articles and books from other universities for a paper i'm working on. everything has been coming in super fast, which i didn't expect

- this weekend is packed full of fun things. vacation day tomorrow and dinner with neal. hallmark ornament debut weekend starts saturday, but i have all my ornaments on hold already. going to my first rugby match (i hope) and hosting a wii game night on saturday :)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?