September 19, 2011

we heart mondays

so the next challenge round (fire up for fall) starts today, but i'm bowing out of direct participation. i have only two goals for the fall: 1. ace this semester. 2. take care of myself. same old ongoing goals :) even more necessary since i gained another pound this week. must. get. ass. in gear! because of the challenges, i've kinda fallen in love with starting my mondays on we heart it. so i think i'm going to keep posting things that make me smile to cure my weekly case of the mondays. i also may occasionally respond to some of the challenge questions cause they're fun. for now, enjoy this week's "we heart mondays". couldn't we all use a little attitude adjustment?

i miss sid (via)
love love love alice in wonderland + want more tattoos (via)
(via | originally flickr)
like a shark, i have to keep moving forward (via)
i like to pretend (via)
so cute i want to bite their little heads off! (via)
everyone needs a snuggle (via)