May 26, 2011

wine & love4

wine & love, hosted by nora :)

reasons my glass is full:

- got my grades back. i. am. not. pleased

- moving (not me) cause it sucks balls. at least the place isn't mega faraway from the current place

- continued assholery at a company i can't name endured by people i choose not to name in case one of those corporate bitches actually figures out how to use google and the internet machine :p

reasons i'm loving this week:

-  my guy's hauled ass last week so work project is on schedule. we could be on to the next stage on tuesday

- our side business got its 2nd client and might be hiring its first employee! now i've got to figure out employment taxes :p

- gonna get the business registered with the state tomorrow, which makes this all really real. SO excited

- the moving? that'd be j. finally found and was approved for an apartment :) no, he's not moving here or any closer (lol that's everyone's favorite question), but we will be packing up and relocating his shiz this weekend

- burgers + pool (new place has an inground!) + boy for the long weekend. that right there is a win :D

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?