April 4, 2011

spring fever week1

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:

  1. What are your goals for the Spring Fever Challenge?
  2. Why did you choose them?
  3. What is your plan of action to make them happen?
  4. What does this challenge mean to you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: Let's get to know each other! What is something most people (er... fellow bloggers) don't know about you?
questions 1-3:
1. drink more water. i'm only getting two glasses a day (if even that) so i'm gonna work my way up to four to five, depending on how much milk i drink. i use my water bottle at work, but i've gotten lax about when i fill it. my hope is to fill it first thing in the morning, and finish by lunch. then refill it at lunch, and finish by end of day. i usually have a glass with breakfast or before bed so that'll be the odd one out (water bottle = two glasses)

2. stick with new workouts. i'm going to get a gym membership so i can keep taking classes. i'm also getting a yoga pass for monthly bikram sessions. i like working out at home, but i'm starting to get bored. plus my body is starting to get used to the routines. sooo i'm hoping to take a few gym classes to keep me on my toes. i'm not big on yoga, but bikram would definitely benefit my flexibility. i'm starting to lose it, which makes me sad

3. change morning routine. part of the reason it's hard to get to work on time is i waste way too much time in the morning. i need to stop spending two hours in bed scrolling through twitter :p mini goals include: no twitter before shower, no non-phone tech before work (i'll be posting about my new tech later :)) and phone is only for checking important emails before work. everything else waits until post-shower or in the office. first hour at work will be for checking all email (work and personal) and twitter

4. knock out to do list. i have a list with no deadlines that is growing instead of shrinking. i hate looking at it, but never clearing things off. i'm giving everything deadlines to start getting shit done before it drives me completely bonkers. my life is full of lists, but everything is meaningless when i never do anything listed

5.stop overspending my budget! even though my overall budget has been affected minimally, subbudgets are all wonky. i need to get on top of this so i can stay on track with my savings and debt reduction plan. mini goals include: reduction of eating out (even starbucks runs), no use of credit cards (except as necessary for gas and groceries), no unplanned non-essential purchases and no fiddling with the numbers to make it work. i have everything mapped out, but following through 100% hasn't been my strong point. i have so many attainable goals, and i need to stop sabotaging myself

6. so jesse has yet to have a homemade baked mac and cheese that tops some restaurant's. i obviously can't have that so i've decided i'm going to create something better. there will be a lot of mac eating in the next few weeks, you know, for research purposes ;) i tried one recipe over the weekend. it was good, but i'm not loving that it's base is kraft deluxe. i used to LOVE kraft mac, but they're "cheese" tastes awful to me now. maybe next batch will be amy's based. it's jesse's favorite mac and cheese, and it's way more natural tasting*

question 4: the winter wonderland challenge helped me really focus on areas i wanted to improve, and i'm hoping the spring fever challenge does the same. i don't know why, but i do so much better when the word challenge is involved :p it's a competition with myself i guess

question 5: great question :) this is random, but came up over the weekend: i'm left handed. one of my best friends completely forgot this, and there are people i see on a regular basis who've never noticed. it always makes me laugh (and annoys me a smidge) when people i've known for years, out of nowhere act all surprised that i'm a lefty. been one my whole life lol. i write so little these days, but i love my leftiness. i have decent handwriting, too :p

it's kinda silly, but my pos pic is my ramekin. i bought some to make mini macs, and i love them already. they're perfectly sized for single portions (proper portions, not the ridiculousness you think is a portion). i ordered them from amazon, two cobalt and two plum, after mandy revealed her fiestaware addiction. i want to use them for everything now!

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*challenge within a challenge ;) this will be an ongoing, for fun kind of goal