March 26, 2011

orly O.o

it has come to my attention that i am boring. ok maybe J didn't say that exactly, but that was the implication. he got a boyfriend fail as such. i have been busy with school, friend dates, weekends with said boy, interviews and more school. i have very little to say over here besides "i'm effing busy". don't think i haven't noticed my traffic has decreased. i check my analytics every friday :p i'm also not hanging around 20SB where i used to tool around looking for new blogs and new followers. seeing as i follow ALL of these blogs (plus some i haven't yet added), i really shouldn't be scouring for more. i can barely keep up as it is! i am doing the best i can to maintain what little i have. i'm not looking to grow for the sake of growth. i'm not looking to entertain the internets. i simply want to share the shit that rolls through my brain when it's long enough for a proper post. (want the play by play of my nonsense? then you should be following me on twitter) sorry i'm not sorry for being a blog slacker. if you don't like it, you don't have to read me. that goes for you, too, babydoll

yes, i'm irritated by the "it's all those winter challenge posts. is that what your blog is now?" comment. while i don't really like posting just those and videos, that's all i have in me right now. you're lucky i don't turn this in to a meme-a-palooza just to have posts several times a week. my goal is two posts a week, and even that has been a struggle the last month. i already gave J the business, but those comments are still stinging. so i'm getting this off my chest and out of my brain space. i like having the followers i have. i like making blog/twitter friends even more. however, i don't blog for you. i have never blogged for you. if that's a problem? again, you can show yourself the proverbial door