September 9, 2010

new schedule

i'm putting myself on a new schedule because this routine is not working out so well in all aspects of my crazy life. i spent 45 minutes the other night plotting out the hours of my day. gotta make sure i get everything in, without driving myself off the deep end. i have time for walks, blogging, reading, skyping and putzing. my time at work will be used rather ineffectively since i don't have a project at the moment. though i'm hoping to get myself back in to a routine here, too. "work" time will consist of google reader attacks, tweeting and reading for class. i was hoping to find some blackberry app that would remind me of timed tasks. unfortunately, what i want doesn't exist. i'd rather not clutter my calendar with extra appointments, and a task list is not quite what i need. so i'm just going to have to rely solely on my own self regulation. which might mean more time with my planner... oh that reminds me. i get to order my 2011 pages soon :) i love changing over to a new year

HB wanted to know what my schedule was because she's as big a nerd as i am. it was interesting to write out online (i originally plotted it in excel) because it felt more involved. there really isn't that much to the schedule, partly because i didn't block specific items. there are blocks for work, blogging after work and hw. but i didn't break down what i'd do during each block. normally, i get extremely specific because i like excruciatingly clear, defined goals. that, however, may have been my problem. for example, with homework: i spend more time checking the clock, counting how many pages are left, checking the schedule, recounting how many pages are left, "quick" checking my email, getting a snack, recounting all the pages in the chapter excluding the figures and summaries... then when i don't hit my goal in the allotted time, i get upset. i focus so much on the parameters of the task that half the time i don't even pay attention to what i'm doing. so the new plan is a little looser, by my standards. i know the readings i have to complete from week to week (thanks google calendar). i know i need to make notecards at the same time. so i gave myself a few hours every day (except friday) to do just that. it helps that our one text for learning & conditioning is an easy, quick read. i really like the book, which is a rarity these days. not being bored by the material makes it all a bit smoother to handle. most everything else in my life is kinda loosey goosey, further reducing my stress and anxiety

i'm going to pretend to be a better student for a few weeks to see if it takes. then i'll focus on getting a new job :) good? good