August 6, 2010

some things

kinda left y'all hang there, didn't i? well the changes aren't quite done, but they also aren't that big so i'm in no rush
what's changed around here?
- i have a fantastic new header, created by ms. liz who blogs all over. if you're interested in having some work done for most anything, you should check out her design site. she's pretty fab :)

- i'm also rearranging things (that's really the big to do) because i'm starting to feel cluttered. there's a new page for buttons and badges and another all about me. i'm slowly working on them because [shock of all shocks] i actually had some work to do at work the last few weeks

- i may also move the blogroll to it's own page. not everyone has a button, but the sidebar is starting to get out of control (much like my google reader :p)
some updates...
- i did not do well in my summer class so i'll be retaking it in the fall. it's taught by the same professor :p at least i already have the book and know what the assignments will be like

- i did not get the job i interviewed for, but i'm not too heartbroken about it. i still have my fingers crossed for something else to open up with them because they're an awesome small company

- i can't really attest to how the detox went, but i'm still working on balancing myself. i took InSlut to a special event hosted by one of my fave bloggers, and i tried to be the best attentive girlfriend that i could. of course we both got distracted by video games when we got back from pittsburgh, but we watched true blood cuddled up on the couch. that counts as quality time, right? lol
and then there was miscellaneous stuff...
so some of you may have noticed i started a tumbler (the perpetual planner) for all the silly future things i think about. some of you also know about my weight loss blog and my contribution to the in it to gym it blog. what you don't know is that i also have a sort of secret wordpress blog. it's secret because it's all about sex, and i don't want to alienate readers by posting all the lurid details of my sex life here... then again, i don't update it much because i have such a boring old lady sex life. i'm not going to link to it because 1) i'm still apprehensive about sharing and 2) because i'm thinking about moving it to blogger. i kinda hate wordpress (.com not .org). as much as i love blogging, i am not willing to pay for it right now. the only advantage it has is the commenting, but i'm willing to sacrifice nested responses for completely free... for now it lives in hiding; we'll see if i change my mind about that

that's pretty much it. my life's been fairly constant otherwise. promise i'll be back to regular blogging soon. i miss it and you guys :)


Chuck said...

sorry to hear about not getting the job, but good luck with the other prospects that may pop up for you!


michelle said...

thanks :) i'm having a somewhat good work week so i'm a little less apt to jump ship. only 8 more months til my next raise lol

Sarah said...

loving this new blog layout you've got here:) so sorry about your job...guess it just wasn't meant to be and something wonderful is bound to come along!

Hutch said...

Welcome back...I love your new header! I keep contemplating a makeover but I barely have the time to blog twice a week and keep up with my google reader to even think about it.

michelle said...

@sarah: thanks :) i'm going to keep plugging away at my current job and keep my eyes open for great opportunities elsewhere

@hutch: lol i totally know what you mean. i feel so out of the loop, but there are just not enough hours in the day for everything it seems

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